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    Hi, I'm new to networking and I need help configuring my home network.
    I have a desktop pc connected to the internet through a cable modem (Askey) and I bought a Asus WL-500g router and a WL-107G pcmcia card for my laptop. The idea is to have a small network at home to surf the net, download files, transfer them between the desktop and the laptop, etc. But....I can't get it to work. I've followed the instructions on the router manual, but it doesn't work. I'm missing something here and I don't know what it is.

    Here's my topology:
    Internet --> optical cable --> Cable Modem (lan)--> network cable --> (wan) router (lan 1) --> network cable --> (lan) NIC card [DESKTOP PC]

    Could someone explain to me the basic steps I must follow to connect everything and the settings I must change in the router admin webpage?

    All help is appreciated.
    Thank you

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    is nothing working? or some things not?

    which firmware are you running ?
    does your cable modem require authentication ?
    is your pc connected by lan able to ping IP from outside world? ( ping for example: ping )

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    I've bought it 2 weeks ago, the firmware is 1.8xxx (sorry, I'm writing this from work). I can connect to the Internet using a crossover cable from the cable modem to the NIC on my desktop, but when I plug the router in between like in the manual it doesn't work. When I plug the modem directly it works fine, so I'm guessing that it doesn't need authentication (or it is done by other means, that I don't know of).
    I've tried yesterday to ping from my laptop the address that ipconfig gave me for the desktop but it didn't work. So I'm pretty sure it's a wrong configuration of the NAT, or whatever...

    Sorry if the questions I'm asking are so basic, but I want to learn.

    Thanks in advance

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    wl500g probs

    Im having the exact same problem.

    NTL: Terayon cable modem
    wl500g 1.8.x.x

    The modem and internet work fine when directly connected to NIC, but connect it to router and the web interface (status screen) says WAN - Disconnected

    any help or advice would be appreciated.

    Mash it up!!

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    connected? not connected

    i managed to get the IP/subnet /gateway and dns addresses from my modem by plugging it directly to my laptop, and entered all into the router, which now confirms its connected,

    yet when i try explorer, NOTHIN!!!

    I had a Origon2000 wifi unit before the wl500g, and it worked flawlessly. This wont even connect,

    even in 'Network Connections' it says everything is connected, whats wrong?????? please help...

    Mash it Up

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    after 3 weeks pissing around i have updated the wl500g to and everything seems to be working!!!!.... well... the air light is now off, yet im still connected!?!? this piece of equipment really does seem to be a lot of hassel!!!

    I suggest to the guy who started this thread, download the new version and try again, all should be ok. i have had it installed for 20 minutes now, and a hard core connection thus far.

    word up everyone who runs this site, keep up the good work.

    And if anyones gonna smash up a wl500g, give it some digs from me,

    mash it up.

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    hi Mashlad,
    I try to get the Asus WL 500g work, lan works but not wan.
    I use NTL for internet, can you tell me what i should do (I upgrate to but it still doesn't work)
    should i put a MAC adress ?

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    ok, i solve my problem. turn off and on my modem solve the problem
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