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Thread: WL-300g vs. WL-330g as a bridge

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    Question WL-300g vs. WL-330g as a bridge


    I have a WL-330g, several computers and a switch. The WL-330g and the computers are all connected to the switch, Asus refers to this as a "Multi-IP Bridge Environment." In this evironment each computer must run the configuration utility in order to detect the WL-330g, otherwise that computer won't get internet access via the WL-330g. This necesitates each computer running windows. Does the 300g also have this limitation, in that even in this kind of environment windows is required?



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    If you want to use NAT:

    You can have asus connected to the internet wia wifi and other computers connected to asus via LAN, OR asus connected to internet via LAN and others - via WiFi.

    {internet} - (asus) - (other computers)

    If you don't want to use NAT and you connect to the internet via WiFi, you can use Asus as Repeater.

                     (asus) - wifi - {internet}
                       / \ 
             (computers   (switch) - (computers via LAN)
               via WiFi)

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    adapter mode and nat

    What I meant was:

    asus wl 330g
    / \
    / \
    pc1 pc2

    However, this doesn't work

    I wanted to use the WL-330g in "adapter" mode, rather than "access point" mode.


                     (asus) - wifi - {internet}
                       / \ 
             (computers   (switch) - (computers via LAN)
               via WiFi)

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