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Thread: [WLAN] Nokia D211 connectivity

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    [WLAN] Nokia D211 connectivity

    I have a Nokia D211 Multimode card (WLAN + GSM + GPRS). For a long time I have tried to get this card to connect to my WL-500g but without success. After reading about this card in other forums as well (it is not only ASUS routers that have problem with this card), the problem may be that the "Radio Preamble" is not set to "Long Preamble" on the router.

    My question is: What is the default Preamble setting? Is it possible to change the Preamble setting on the router, and if yes, how to change this?

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    There is no way to set this permanently using the official firmware. Anyway you could try entering this command & press Refresh via the well known www backdoor.
    wl plcphdr long

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    Still didn't work using the release driver for D211.
    By using the beta driver from nokia, now working fine.

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    I tried the beta drivers a few days ago, and yes, I got connection to the router. But I is still got one problem, the beta drivers do not allow my VPN client to connect through the D211. But the beta drivers is a big improvement compared with the old drivers to this card, and i suppose the VPN problems is solved when we get the release version.

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    Nokia D211 WLAN

    Hi, I know this forum is old now, but I cannot find help elsewhere, sorry.
    I have a Nokia D211, I cannot see my Wireless Network, I am running Win98SE so Nokia doesnt have a BETA release for my OS. Does anyone have any clues? I cannot update the OS as I need it for a specific purpose... DOS... lol.

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