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Thread: Advice for bridge two networks

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    Advice for bridge two networks


    I want to access a wireless comunity that as the antennas at 1200mts from my home. Using my laptop outside my home I can connect to that wireless comunity but with a weak signal, so I want to install something that can bridge that network with my WL-500g router.

    My question is, what would be the best soluction on this without spending much money?

    My idea was to install a WL-330g Access Point or a D-Link DWL-2000AP+ outside to connect to the wireless comunity network, with SSID "8002_11g" and DHCP with IP's from to and the access point Asus or D-Ling access point will connect with a ethernet cable to my WL-500g router that will be also DHCP enabled but in the range 192.168.1.x.

    Is this a good soluction? Will this work without problems (the D-Link is compatible with the WL-500g)?


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    If practical, your best bet would be to fit an external directional antenna that are sold for this

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    Quote Originally Posted by WVR
    If practical, your best bet would be to fit an external directional antenna that are sold for this
    Yes, that I know but for that the WL-500g will be in client mode so I would have to connect to it using a ethernet cable and I don't want that, unless someone here can explain a way to do it with a external antenna without loosing the wireless comunication to the notebook!

    I've been checking for soluctions for this and I believe that the best one is to use the DWL-2000AP+ with a external antenna connected and connect this AP to the WL-500g using wire, but I'm afraid that some compatibility issue will arrive with this config!

    Please experts, help me out solving this.


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    Did you try to use a higher gain *omnidirectional* antenna?

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    The router has two antenna's, one external, one internal.

    If you configure the router in WDS mode (client and server) and hook up an directional antenna externally you should be allright.

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    Thanks for the answer. Hopefully today I will get a external antenna that a friend has surplus and will give to me .

    I've already tested in client mode but my notebook was unable to find the network using wireless! The WL-500g was set up as AP Only and tried with Station and Ethernet Bridge and the only way to connect was using the ethernet cable . The SSID and chanel have been set to the ones of the community wireless.

    What is wrong with my config? I've searched and read a lot here but I can't find a soluction.

    Can someone give exact information starting from a factory default config?


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