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Thread: New connection problems

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    New connection problems

    I was happily using my Wl-500g with a cable modem for the last year or so, unfortunately I moved house and cable wasn't available so I had to get ADSL. As part of my sign-up pakage I got a free BT Voyager 105 USB modem which I now use to connect to the internet. What I can't seem to do is connect my PC to the router (not my USB modem to the router - I know that doesn't work) and create a wireless access point for my other wireless devices (PSP, other PC etc..). Can anyone tell me how to set up the router with the PC to share the internet?? Thanks

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    I'm sorry to say that i don't fully understand what your question is... do you want a tutorial of how to set up your Asus as an wireless access point?

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    Your best bet would be to dump the USB modem and get one with an ethernet port. You could setup Windoze sharing of your broadband connection on your main PC ,but in my experience thats rubbish and you have to have that PC on all the time for the others to access the internet.
    Obviously, you cannot plug the usb modem into the Asus usb port :-)

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    Sorry, I'll try to be more clear. I want to be able to connect my WL-500g via ethernet to mu PC which is already connected to broadband via the USB modem and share the connection wirelessly.

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    There are manuals floating around the internet on howto configure connection sharing using Windows XP. Use Google to search.

    See your manual to configure your router into AP mode.

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