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Thread: beta CDMA firmware

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    Page Not Found :-|

    Hi guys!

    Can anyone send me the firmware or tell me or I can download it?

    The address provided does not work anymore...:-(


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    I'm wondering if more people faced my problem.
    I first worked with the standard asus firmware (I know it's beta)
    I had troubles on 2 machines (different settings, different antivirus, different FTP program, different websites tried) with uploading websites over FTP (timeout appeared with files bigger than 1,3 KB). So the only thing that the computers had both, was the router. So I updated to to see if the problem was gone, but unfortunatly the problem stayed.
    After a new research I came back to the router, as other users on different Inet connection were able to upload files to the website.
    I downgraded my router to Oleg firmware 6b and the problem was gone. Now I don't know if it was a bug from of firmware because I didn't had the problem earlier (on older firmware and on firmware It just appeared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by engy
    But wasn't supposed to be version

    The one on that site is :-|


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    Quote Originally Posted by gothicsoul
    But wasn't supposed to be version

    The one on that site is :-|

    I found it on eMule...:-)


    Till now everything works A-OK and very fast! :-)

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    Firmware on koppel works faster because it contains some kernel patches to work faster and is based on Oleg's firmware.

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    is this firmware in english?

    i dont know anything of polish.

    and has this firmware also samba server?

    and what i have to download on that site?

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    It's not Polish but Czech and yes,the firmware is in English. Samba server included. Download the latesr 1.61 version.

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    thanks engy, the router is also very fast now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arsvendg

    Didn't make much sense to me though... I guess it's a kind of new technology or something....
    I use CDMA. Practically I have a CDMA modem (it is similar to GSM which you may know) connected to ASUS 500g and every computer can connect to internet through ASUS. Is it clear now?

    CDMA must be supported by operator, it works on 450 MHz. Average speed is around 300 kbps in Czech rep. I work on cca 150 kbps

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    Cdma 2

    I use standard firmware + CDMA upgrade from koppel

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    hi ppl.

    I have a hp5550 printer installed in router. Since i've installed this firmware i can't print anything... I have already check router configurations but seems that everything is ok. can anyone help me?

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    Is there a way to get telnet access to the stock Asus firmware? I want to play with pptp/pppd directly, but I need mpee support (added in 1.9.4)

    Telnet port seems to be closed on 1.9.5

    Or do I have to wait for an Oleg release based off 1.9.5?

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    I need restore to default my asus ... but it don't want
    When I check " Facory default" it reboot and all my parameters are still here
    please help

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    Hi all

    What are the beneficts/disadvantages/known bugs of these firmwares?
    Can they be used on wl500g deluxe also?

    Where else can I downlad CDMA, since I'm having difficulties on getting it from eMule


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