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Thread: WL-500G Deluxe + HDD + DBOX2 possible?

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    WL-500G Deluxe + HDD + DBOX2 possible?

    Hi everybody!

    Is it possible to use an external usb hdd connected to a Wl-500g deluxe to use it for video-recording from a dbox2?

    And what configurations must be set on the router and the dbox2 (with linux on it).


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    It's possible, although, for some tv program's the quality is to high to record it. (for example, I can't record the Formula 1 Race because it is about 5-6 Mbit/sec).

    The best way to do it, is thru a NFS export/share.

    Just export an map on your wl500g and mount it on your dbox2.

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    thx for the answer! could you please explain in more detail what you mean with "
    Just export an map on your wl500g and mount it on your dbox2."

    thx again!

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    Hi malibux,

    better get local support

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    lexi! remember my email? I asked for it but never got a reply!
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    At first you must format your external hd as ex3 with the name 'part1' as 'logical partition'. Perhaps you can do this with the program partition magic.

    Now my configuration:

    o IP-Config -> DHCP Server
    At "Manually Assigned IP List" I use the following adresses: (für den PC) (für die DBox)

    o USB Application -> FTP Server
    Enable FTP-Server: yes
    Allow Anonymous User to login: yes
    Allow Super user to login: yes

    User Account List:
    User Name: root, Password: dbox2, Rights: Read/Write/Erase
    User Name: admin, Password: You should know, Rights: Read/Write/Erase

    o USB Application -> Samba
    Enable Samba Demo mode? yes
    Enable hidden read-write share? yes
    Workgroup name: Here you have to enter the name of the workgroup of your pc.

    o USB Application -> NFS Server
    Export: /tmp/harddisk/ (rw,async,no_root_squash)

    At your dbox you have to enter for you mount diretory:

    Typ: NFS
    Server IP:
    Verzeichnis/Freigabe /tmp/harddisk/filme ("filme" is the directory at your ext3 hd)
    lokales Verzeichnis: /mnt/filme (directory at your dbox)
    Mount-Optionen: nolock,rsize=8192,wsize=32768

    Have luck!


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