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Thread: Sitecom 2.5" USB HD Case & WL500g

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    Sitecom 2.5" USB HD Case & WL500g

    Hey all,

    I've recently tried to hook up a sitecom 2,5" hd case with a 160Gb Maxtor drive, formatted with NTFS to my wl500g, to no avail. The wl500g doesnt seem to recognize the drive at all.

    I've been searching the forums and Asus site for word on the compatibility of the case with the router, but so far I haven't come across a report that says it either works or it doesnt. The case is supposed to be usb mass storage compliant so that means it should work right?
    Could somebody shed some light on this subject please? Thanks you!

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    could you please copy & paste your system log here? It makes it easier to tell to which level there is communication between your sitecom device and the router

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    This is the status log after plugging in the case and restarting the router.

    Jan 1 00:01:00 dhcp client: bound IP : from
    Oct 9 15:53:12 ntp client: time is synchronized to

    It doesnt register at all, it seems. It's worth mentioning that the case does work when attached to a pc

    ..Any ideas?

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    perhaps the kernel doesn't have or hasn't loaded the module needed to access an ntfs volume.

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    The systemlog you've posted is largely incomplete. Can you post a complete one? It should be at least 40 lines or so.

    Can you somehow find out what chipset the usb-ide converter uses within the usb enclosure?

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    I've solved the same problem with an external power adaptor.

    Usually this isn't nessesary but the power of the usb port on the router was to low to get the drive working.

    Maybe it also works for you.

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    NTFS is not supported by the wl500g.

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