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Thread: firmware for Wl-300g

  1. firmware for Wl-300g

    Hi all,

    I compiled the latest firmware for the wl-300g from the sources available on the ASUS site (I didn't make any changes)

    The image can be downloaded here:

    I have tested it and it seems to work okay but YMMV.

    best wishes,


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    nice... what means YMMW ?

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  3. Your mileage may vary
    it works for me but I don't know if it works for you

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    Antiloop was kind enough to upload it to the chupa server and this can be foundhere

    As the Aldert1 said to me this firmware was compiled using sources provided by ASUS. So this firmware has all the bugs which the original ASUS for wl500g has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oleg
    this firmware has all the bugs which the original ASUS for wl500g has.
    any info on what these bugs all are ?? serious bugs, minor bugs ?
    and what is new in compared to ??

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    Hm, I think minor for wl300g. The change list are the same as for wl500g.

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    Wl300G loses only one time connection in each session

    Hi folks,

    My 300 works fine, got not the real latest firmaware, reasen see above.
    Got only one minor problem:

    When the session starts the lan card connects to de WL300G, makes connection and discard it afther a few minuts.
    I've find out that when I disconnect the network en connect it again the connection stays a live the whole time until de laptop is off. Start a new session the problem is there again. It's not a realy big deal but somtimes inconfined if youre chatting.

    Does any one knows this problem wish I heart also accours with the WL500G.

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