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Thread: Adding more RAM

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    Quote Originally Posted by wengi View Post

    64MB seems to be max. But nobody tried it until now...

    I am ready try make it.
    To me need mark for chip only. Give me info.
    I am repair mobile phones, to me not problem solder/unsolder chips. =)

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    here is a HowTo:
    This is for the 32MB (256MBit) chip (IS42S32800B-7TL).

    I have no idea if/where to get the 64MB (512MBit) chip.

    But 32MB should be enough.

    Übersicht aller HowTos --- HowTo Overview (mostly german)
    WL-HDD mit diesem Setup. --- WL-HDD with this setup.
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    This is chip 64Mbit.
    Analog from ISSI is IS42S32200C1-6TL.

    But need chip 512Mbit.

    Quote Originally Posted by wengi View Post
    Ok. Did some search. The result 64MB could be possible !!!

    What about Samsung?
    See here for overview.
    Here for more precise overview:

    We need the K4S643232H-TC70:

    This one is still produced and pin compatible.

    My problem is: I have no idea where to buy it. I am in germany and did not find any reseller
    The big ones have it on stock but i only need one and not 1000.


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