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Thread: WPA-PSK in windows xp

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    WPA-PSK in windows xp

    I cant see where I eneble WPA-PSK in windows xp with my 138g card!
    It is promoted that it suports WPA, but the drivers doesnt for sure!


    Router is an Asus Wl500g-deluxe.

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    What version of XP do you have? SP1? SP2?

    The first release of Windows XP needs a WPA supplement to support WPA. If that is the case, you can download it from Microsoft.

    You will find the update in this page:

    Wireless update rollup package for Windows XP

    The update needs Sp1 to install.
    If you have Sp2 you don't need the supplement and the problem lies elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medalha
    I want to complete my previous post.
    You can use the edit button for that:

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    "You can use the edit button (...)"

    I just did!

    I am not experienced at this. Next time I will know.

    Thank you.

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    Windows XP PRO SP2.

    And I have another problem with this stupid card. My PC freeses if I use speeds over 11mb!

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    I have the WL-138G and the latest drivers founded at asus website and windows sp2 (with all live updates).
    I can't see the option to select WPA (the router are encripted with WPA, and i'm in a "student house" were i can't put router with wep )
    I just only see the option to enter wep key.

    Are you using asus software ou windows wireless connection "wizard" to configure your card?
    I've tried with asus.

    Any help and screenshots will be welcome

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    You can try to change the driver to the version, then use the Windows Zero Configuration to set it work with WPA-PSK.

    The Asus Utility does not suport WPA.

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