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Thread: I can't ping my ASUS wl500g deluxe

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    I can't ping my ASUS wl500g deluxe

    I was updating the firmware but the updating fail. Router was not responding any more so I did the reset the router and tryied it again. I fail again and since that I can't even ping a router.

    Could anybody help me out? how to make a router responsible again?

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    Hmm, I wonder if I saw that question before. Lets try the search........(Using 'firmware upgrade' as searchphrase).....Oh that was easy.


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    I posted a similar question. Unfortunately every suggested solution assumes you can ping your router, otherwise even tftp is useless. Not being able to ping it, the only solution seems to rely on building a serial port, which invalidates the guarantee and is definitely out of my technical abilities :-(
    Thank you anyway.....

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    Well, the search also gives you topics with other ppl who can't ping their device anymore after firmware upgrade. Many of them got their device up and running again using several solutions, amoung which:
    - special reset procedure (power-off, press reset button, power on)
    - grounding a specific chip pin inside the device during boot
    - using the firmware recovery tool

    So there's plenty of things to try to revive the device. But some require some effort of you...

    Anyway, as the firmware upgrading howto states: Upgrading the firmware of a device is not without risk, but careful planning and execution will minimise it. It's also good advice to not mess with the firmware if the device is working perfectly for your application.

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    Ok, well, sorry for sounding grumpy, but you know, answering the same questions over and over....Sometimes I do not reply, other times I just say UTFS (Use The Fucking Search). But I'm in a good mood today so:
    If that does not work:

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