Asus P5B
intel e8500
4gb ddr2
500gb hd
750watt psu

My adventure started here:

Last night i figured out i mounted my CM seindon 120v ver.2 the wrong way, wich killed the mobo in the other tread.

So i got a other mobo ( see specs ) installed every thing properly. Windows 7 installed, drivers installed.

Then i ran the windows system rating and noticed ( using coretemp ) my cpu core's where hitting 100c. The cpu trottled untill the test was done. So i googled this issue, knowing that this was a fals reading. After a few searches i quickly found out it was a bios algorithem problem, that was fixed in a bios update @ asus website.

So here is where i was like hmmm, maybe after 10 years asus finaly developed a good bios update program to run from windows so i did. Well.....
Like many other users ot totaly screwed my bios and after a reboot i got the error:

Bad bios checksum

So i take my laptop and google again xD. Seems the mobo has a fail safe. Meaning that if i put a bios file on a fat32 formated usb flash drive no bigger then 1024mb i would read the file, load it and voila.

BUT this does not seem to work. It says its reading the file, but then says no file on usb and continues to search the ( disconnected mediums: cdrom/floppydisk/usb

Does some one on this nice planet maybe know a fix? One that does not involve me buying stuff i dont have money for?
I am at the point were i want to take this machine i spend and invested about 300 euro's on/in and make it go boom @ mythbusters!

Thanks in advance for help/suggestions