I'm having trouble getting Back In Time to ssh into my router, and get a connection to my harddrive partion. I've gotten all the till it trys to use a command to access the directory, and from there runs into issues.

The error message is:
find PATH -type f -exec chmod u-wx {} \;':
find: unrecognized: -type
BusyBox v1.20.2 (2015-06-10 22:21:23 EDT) multi-call binary
In the manual they mention that you might need to modify some paths.

These are the paths:
/bin/sh to /opt/bin/bash in /etc/passwd

Start the PATH environment variable in /etc/profiles to /opt/bin:/opt/sbin:
Anyone know how to modify the paths and keep the ssh server running? I've tried doing exactly as their manual says, but that broke my ability to ssh in.