I am close to a point in time, I wil have two Asus WL-500gP routers: one shall be v1, and other will be v2.
They should come from working environments, so currently in normal, good order.

What I have as intention is to try to make one of them:
-A/ a Dual WAN router, and the other:
-B/ an -N speed WiFi router.
Also, one of both should be capable to share:
-C/ a USB HDD over the intranet first (later on, why not on internet either ?), and the other:
-D/ a printer on the intranet.
-E/As eventual option: WebCam (from the available list of compatible ones).

So the questions should be:
1.Which one is suitable for what ?
2.How to combine over the two units the features requested ?
3.Which FW build to suitable for each purpose ?

I am just reading since two hours, and was not able to find such topics.

Anyone with relevant thoughts or experience ?