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Thread: Wl500 g connected to a switch. Speed problems

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    Wl500 g connected to a switch. Speed problems

    Hi guys,

    i have the following problem. I have the wl500g connected to a switch over an non crossed cable. And for a long time it wasnßt a problem. But in the last few days i have speed problems when downloading data from the internet. it seems that small data packages are no problems but when i wantto download bigger files the speed decreases to ~28 kb/sec. I´ve disconnected the switch from power but it doesn´t work. When i connect an computer directly to the asus wl500g everything is fine. Wlan speed is also ok.

    Has anyone an idea??


    The Mage

    P.S. I use the 19.2.7 6b firmware from oleg

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    Perhaps this is a bad cable problem...

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    I've seen something similar when there was mismatch between the 2 ends regarding port setting of full/half duplex

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