Hi people of forum, how are you?

The first, thanks in advance.

My Asus is Asus wl 500 gx with the latest firmware (

I have a question, i need change the listen port of the web configurator without iptables.

I cant use Iptables because i stay in project without this.

I need the port 80 to other web server, this no is the problem, i can make this with this command:

kill `pidof httpd eth1` && busybox_httpd -p 80 -h /opt/www

But I cant start the configuration webserver with this command:

busybox_httpd -p 81 -h /www

Because the busybox_httpd dont have asp support.

I need resolve a question:

- Can I change the listen port? How?

- How make the busybox to start the configuration webserver?
(I think in this command: kill `pidof httpd eth1` && busybox_httpd -p 80 -h /opt/www && busybox_httpd -p 81 -h /www)

Thanks for all.

Sorry for my english, I´m spanish and ...................... sorry ;-)