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Thread: WL500G goes 'off' when connecting an external HDD (USB)

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    WL500G goes 'off' when connecting an external HDD (USB)

    I'm making some tests with last firmware version (6b) and excelent macsat tutorials, using a external USB flash disk. Now I want to expand to a external harddisk and bought a external USB case and a 160Gb harddisk. When I connect this case with disk to the WL500G, the leds go down. If I try to power both at the same time, the WL500G stay with no lit leds, so there is no way to have it working with the external harddisk. This external unit is working well, when directly connected to a PC.
    I just found that when connecting this case to a USB HUB (powered, USB 1.1), I get an error in the PC (USB Power Surge). This doesn't happen when I connect it directly to the PC (also USB 1.1). Is this situation common?
    Any clues or recomendations? I saw the list of recomended hardware, but wasn't able to find any of the external cases refered there. The cases I can get have no brand, so it is dificult to compare with other users.



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    Its probably that the Asus USB can't supply enough power for your harddisk, esp to spin it up.
    I have similar problem with a USB disk, its ok on main PC but on a laptop it overloads the USB port.

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