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Thread: Oleg: How do you power off the WL_HDD2.5 using f/w:

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    Oleg: How do you power off the WL_HDD2.5 using f/w:

    Thanks for your continued help. I want to properly shutdown the WL-HDD2.5 but I beleive your f/w has changed the sequence. I don't want to pull the power and crash the HDD, but holding for 5 seconds seems to restart the unit not shut it down. What is the proper method. Jim

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    Should work in the same way. Perhaps there is a bug or something...

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    Oleg: Here is what happens (power off)

    On my WL-HDD2.5 with f/w: when I push power/reset for 5 seconds, (1) power led goes out, (2) after a few more seconds WLAN led goes out, and the unit "shuts down", then, (3) after about 5 more seconds the power led comes back on, and (4) after 10 seconds the unit completely restarts.

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