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Thread: Moving drom DD-WRT to OpenWRT

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    Moving from DD-WRT to OpenWRT

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a couple of WL500gPs (v1) that have been running dd-wrt for about 4-5 years but I want to move them to OpenWrt to use them with's hotspot service (some features are not available if using dd-wrt due to the age of some installed apps).

    What's the best process to follow for this - from what I have read in the wiki and elsewhere, the following is OK:

    cd /tmp/
    wget [link to image]
    mtd -r write /tmp/[image].trx linux   (having verified the target folder name)
    Also, any specific comments on which firmware version and type to use (backfire, attitude..etc.) - I understand I need the brcm47xx variant.

    Any relevant advice would be appreciated.

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