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Thread: Firmware on asus site

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    i am waiting for a new Oleg FW as well.
    i' ve got a centrino notebook with an Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection (802.11b/g). it is not possible for me to get an stable wireless connection with the Oleg FW, with asus no problem!

    what are the differences (wireless- part) between the Oleg and the asus FW???


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    Description WL-500gDeluxe English Firmware Version, version

    1. Remove console message
    2. Fix Table editing bugs
    3. Update wireless driver
    4. Update et driver
    5. Support CDMA in English Version
    Can anybody tell me what ET is?
    Just wondering, because they seem to update the et driver @ every new release..
    So what does it mean, this "et"?
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    Help with firmware


    I am a new user on this forum, i found it interesting also a have one problem.

    I cant't use ip with 255 in wan ip, the latest asus firmware don't acceppt IP with no. 255 (i recceive message xy.255.xx.xz is not a valid IP adress.)

    The IS provider changed IP(with 255 no.), so for now on i can't use router.
    Can please anyone tell me what can i do.

    Best regards!

    And thanks for helping me!
    p.s. I tried to reach asus help desk, they said that thea are not planing any new firmware updates for router WL 500 g deluxe that i have.

    Sorry i didn't know where in form i should ask...
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    Quote Originally Posted by starzykp
    I just upgrade firmware, but I notice that Wi-Fi (Air) led is turned all time off. Do you have any idea why? Do you have same problem?
    Me too.
    I noticed that seems to be a bug shared wit our wl500g friends:

    Maybe we should join the messages together to create e new discussion about it.

    I upgraded today from (the original that was in when i bought it)

    There's another problem: daylight saving option is missing, so i had to modify the start and end hours for wifi radio enabled. (my wifi works only during office hours). Is impossible set correctly the clock because every hour it checks NTP server (and for him now is 11:51 GMT+1,but is 12:51)
    I consider this another bug from ASUS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bord4kop
    Can anybody tell me what ET is?
    Just wondering, because they seem to update the et driver @ every new release..
    So what does it mean, this "et"?
    Most likely Ethernet...

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    Yap, kind of thougt the same..
    They probly forgot the "h" -> eth.

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