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    Guest Account to Multi-SSID

    For Oleg or Antiloop :
    Our purpose was to allow EAP and PSK authentication at the same time so, using original ASUS firmware we enabled guest account and switched to AP mode.
    We're able to see two different SSID at the same time but this is the only useful result we're able to archieve.
    For this reason we accessed the access point via telnet and tried to join the two virtual interfaces (for example adding wl0.1 to br0 using brctl) but with no success (probably thanks to a lack of informations about "guest mode" itself).
    We was able to archieve some limited functionality tryin'different configuration but, at last, we're unable to find nothing stable (and repeatable) so we're asking if a way exist to allow EAP and PSK authentication at the same time (since we need to give access both to "dumb" AP configured as "client" WPA-PSK and wireless network cards WPA-EAP) aswell.
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