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Thread: GPL Firmware 1.9.5 release (02/09/2005)

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    1.9.5 beta

    I run 1.9.5 beta with no problems until now.

    I use WPA to connect to an Centrino Laptop under XP and Linux Ubunutu Breeze without trouble.

    For XP I had to use the latest Intel drivers, the drivers
    provided by Asus for my M2400N Laptop don't work stable with WPA and
    also don't wake up from powersave mode.

    My ASUS WL-100g card does not work stable on XP with WPA,
    I get a connection but not IP Number assigned by dhcp.

    So I have two ASUS wlan products not working with ASUS drivers together
    with the asus wl 500g using WPA. This is independent from wl500g firmware version.

    I'm happy I found a solution and that 1.9.5 beta works pretty good for me.



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    Quote Originally Posted by JOCKYW2001
    do you know if WPA finally works in bridge mode?

    It does work. I'm running, 2 x asus wl500g, WDS bridge with WPA-PSK, TKIP.

    It has always worked in and also.

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    Have now been running beta for 5 days. Not a single reboot.
    Rock stable so far!

    The best FW I have used which supports WDS-bridge with WPA. (Although Oleg's CRx might be better..... haven't tested that yet, since it does not support WDS-WPA).

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