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Thread: printer always offline

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    printer always offline

    I have a Canon Pixma iP1500 usb-connected to the wl500gdeluxe. It used to work correctly from all three computers connected to the router (2 wireless, 1 wired). After I installed a home network (for file sharing) and made these computers member of the same workgroup, the printer is always seen by the computers as offline. When I look at the printer status given by the info is always correct, so it appears that the problem is not the printer-router but the computer? workgroup? access to the printer.

    I checked 2 things:
    changing port from IP to USB, with a direct cable from computer to printer, made the printer working, so the driver is not the problem.
    Then I connected another laptop wireless to the router. This laptop was not part of the workgroup and see: printing from this computer is working with the printer connected to the router-IPport ! The installation of the printer and IP-port was identical to these of the other computers.

    Who can help me with this? Is the IP-port not compatible with a workgroup? I cannot imagine why but I have learned to ask stupid questions and to give up any attempt to understand software problems.

    Here some status info:
    internet connection and file sharing between the computers in the workgroup works correctly
    the 500gdeluxe is in the 'home gateway' mode
    the firmware is
    firelwall on/off does not help

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    I found the solution for the 'offline' problem in the thread : printer offline after restart started by pietje. In his last message he has solved his own problem by right-mouse-clicking on the printer, and toggle the printer online - printer offline command. When this is online, everything works again.
    Apparently the installation of the workgroup has changed this command from online (the printer used to work) to offline. Why is not clear form me, but that is not important any more. Thanks to Pietje!

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