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Thread: Cannot post in "Reported Compatible Hardware" forum

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    Cannot post in "Reported Compatible Hardware" forum

    Hi there,

    I have tried to post a hardware report in this thread:
    But the post never shows up. Can anybody tell me why?


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    the RCH forum is moderated because it's only for reporting, not questioning..

    i'll have a look in the cue for your message..
    normally this is daily checked..

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    OK. Maybe there are serveral posts from me, just post the most resent ones in the USB and LPT printer threads.

    I will the later on add a new one to the USB thread because as it turns out, USB printing on my brother printer is possible using Olegs customized firmware (I guess due to the new printserver), whereas it doesn't work with the standard out of the box firmware.

    Or should all the info go into the same post?


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