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Thread: How can I convert Chinese WL-500g to English system?

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    Exclamation How can I convert Chinese WL-500g to English system?

    Hello All!

    I'm a newbie - just bought a new WL-500g in Taiwan.

    Unfortunately my pigeon Chinese didn't seem to have communicated my wish to have a router with ENGLISH menus instead of Chinese ones. I'm wondering if I can convert the router to English from Chinese menus by updating the firmware? Will this work? If so, does anyone know of a map of the menus so that I can navigate the Chinese menus to successfully install the English firmware (currently I can not understand ANY of the menus)?

    Before you ask - returning the unit for an exchange is not an option I'm afraid, because I bought it just before I went to the airport!

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    Just flash english firmware either using web interface or use firmware restoration tool (which is english).

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