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    Question Firmware issue

    Hey guys,

    This is my first post .
    Fist of all I want to tell you that I've googled, search on the forum, tried a lot of things, but none worked, so this is why I'm here, writing this.
    A friend of mine gave me a WL-500gP.
    He told me that I must reset it because he doesn't remember the login infos. OK, so I used the black button TO RESET IT! I hold down the button for 5 secs, the leds started to blink so I released it. After reboot, I accessed the quick wizard/setup and followed the wizard with the rest of the setup. I pressed the final OK and rebooted. After the reboot, SURPRISE: it was blank again , as I just reset it. So I went again and gave it the settings. After the 2nd final OK/reboot, it hadn't allocated any IP. So I went to reset it again, but this time I hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds (was a bad thing?), but nothing happened. No reset.
    I gave it back to my friend, who was VERY ANGRY, and he set it to restore mode (I learned how to do it myself). Then I followed this:
    Set the PC to have a static IP address of, subnet: gateway: primary dns: Turn off your firewall.
    Before you plug the power connector in, press and hold the Restore or Reset button on the back.
    While holding the reset button, plug the power connector in.
    This causes it to go into Restore mode. This is indicated by the PWR LED flashing at regular intervals.
    Now use the Asus Firmware Restoration Tool and upload wl500g-clear-nvram.trx. Wait until upload is complete and it reboots. This is usually takes about 2 to 3 minutes.
    Once done, unplug the power connector. Wait for 30 seconds or so.
    But nothing! I cannot find any IP with the Device Discovery, and if I just press upload on the firmware, it will not pass ' Please wait for finding available IP Addresses' or something like that.
    I've downloaded the Vista64 version of the application, since I run Windows 8. I tried with 7, XP compatibility, but nothing is working.

    What am I doing wrong, or what else can I do?

    BIG Thanks,


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    Not sure if trolling or...

    The image you're uploading is "wl500g-clear-nvram.trx"
    Guess what it does?
    It writes empty data on your router. So I suggest you download yourself a real firmware image and flash it in the manner you've before.

    You can download the oleg's based custom firmware :
    You have a d version and a rtn version. The rtn version has a newer kernel, apart from that the only advantage is that it's still being updated.

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    Not trollin' ...just a mistake! I didn't specify that I am using the firmware from ASUS site: ASUS WL-500gP Firmware , version
    I am using the VISTA tool, same from, but under Windows 8.I gave it a try on my PC, and with VISTA compatibility checked, it says that is looking for the IP, that it found the Wireless Device, and starts to count in seconds, from 2nd, and when it gets to 30th second it stops and says that no wireless device in recovery mode was found.

    What can I do? Thanks.

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    Windows 8 doesn't work ok with the tool you say?
    The tools for the other models are practically the same, the firmware recovery is at least.
    Maybe the tool from this router is updated and does work

    Otherwise try with the linux commandline, dd-wrt has a good wiki about flashing firmware:

    If you don't have linux installed you can try to work the magic via a live usb stick.
    You can create one with this handy program:
    Put Ubuntu on it (or any other linux) and add some persistent file size to allow you to install the tftp program.

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    well, I have no IP on DHCP, I can't find the router if I setup manually.
    After I setup manually the IP, subnet, gateway and 1st DNS, windows 8 troubleshooter/diagnostic tool is searching for solution, but it comes up with the ' ideea ' that the gateway cannot be found .
    My friend is the owner of the router, so I have to ask him if he wants custom firmware. I used DDWRT on my old DLINK, and it was great.

    ( I also followed this With the latest utility, I get the same error after attempting to connect the the wireless device: ' the wireless router is not in rescue mode'. Any ideas?

    Thanks again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mvandrei View Post
    ( I also followed this With the latest utility, I get the same error after attempting to connect the the wireless device: ' the wireless router is not in rescue mode'. Any ideas?
    Unplug the power of your router, press and hold the reset button, plug the power back in and wait for the power led to blink slowly.
    If the led blinks slowly it's in rescue mode, otherwise it's not possible to just write firmware to it.
    If that doesn't work I recommend trying a different pc to flash the firmware with.

    About windows 8: no idea, I don't really touched that stuff, and probably never will.
    All I can say is that it was able to find the ip on a virtual machine here from the router firmware I pointed out.

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    Well, this is what I've done! Several times now. After the power LED is blinking, I get a 169. IP address if I don't manually set the IP, and if I set it to with subnet, gateway blank or, 1st DNS blank or, I scan the 'network' for other devices (the router) but I don't find it.
    I try to upload the firmware, and it says that is searching for an IP.... then that it tries to connect to the device ' Connecting to wireless device/router' and it counts to 31-32 seconds from 1 second, then it says that the wireless router is not in rescue/recover mode.
    What now? Is there anything else that I can do? I will try on other PC but is REALLY OLD and it will take a lot of time to startup , but guess has XP . I'll come back with the answer if it worked or not on that XP Machine.

    L.E.: Still not working, even on XP.
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    then I have 2 other ideas:
    -Is the firewall also disabled?

    -temporarily disable all network cards on your computer (except the one which is wired to the router), sometimes the tool is a bit silly with multiple network cards.
    And with network cards I also mean the "virtual" ones, especially the "virtual" ones

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    That old machine with the XP on it is a PIII . Doesn't have more than 1 LAN integrated on MB.
    On the (other) PC and on the Laptop where I have W8, I disabled evverything: virtuals, wireless, but the result is the same.
    On the P3 I had ESET with password on it and couldn't get the firewall off, so I disabled the service from service.msc and then I recorded.
    Is it possible to have another IP address, rather than If so, why isn't it detected by the device discovery app? Something strange is going on here!

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    well the only things you really need to set in your static ip are and the subnet
    all the others can be left empty. Maybe that's the problem after all?
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    I tried everything: only IP and subnet, IP + Subnet+GW, IP+SUBNET+GW+1ST DNS, and nothing happens!
    Thanks a lot anyway! I gave it back to my friend, who's saying that I broke it . I will buy him a new one and the problem is solved.
    Thanks again!
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