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Thread: mldonkey not starting?

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    mldonkey not starting?

    Hello everyone, hope somebody still comes here

    I have problem with my wl700gE since yesterday, everything was fine, I use costom Kfurge last firmware with mldonkey. all of a sudden mldonkey is dead. everything else seems to work fine. I restarted router several times, but mldonkey is not starting. I checked nvram variables and they seem OK, I was able to once start mldonkey manualy from shell but it didn't show my torrents etc. Any help would be appriciated, I dunno where to start. There's nothing on 4040 port (web interface)... what could be the reason for mldonkey not starting? I tried manualy running .sh files in init.kc folder but it didn't help....


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    Resolved by copying some mldonkey config files from backup.... It seems congig files were corrupted...

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    I turned off MLDonkey on my unit and installed Transmission using the instructions for the wl-hdd at this address Section 10

    You can set it up to use the Download folders in the wl700gE with the config files in Download/config and the downloads using Complete and Incomplete folders. The good thing is these are not hidden folders like mldonkey and can also be deleted as required from the interface or windows explorer rather than going into ssh or telnet to delete.

    Transmission will max out your ADSL2+ on the wl700gE if you let it and it has a web interface, uTorrent type interface that can be installed on any network computer like MLDonkey's sancho interface, as well an an android app that can interface to your downloads any time.

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