I use 16G USB Flash as a HDD. Follwoing the instuctions at : http://wl500g.info/showthread.php?10...Olegs-firmware I will partition and format it as a HDD. Issue with USB Flash is that it has very limited life if regularly written. Therefore I do the following actions :
1-disable swap since it is write intensive
2- use /tmp folder (since it is in the memory) for most write operations and than once a day transfer this information to the folders which are on the USB Flash.

Currenly I installed the latest firmaware and saw it supports jffs2 file system.
Can you please advice which file system will be the best one to format the USB Flash, so it will not be corupted very fast ?
I think that ext2 will be better than ext3. what about some other options like jffs2 ?