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Thread: Some ground rules

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    Some ground rules

    * first of all, keep it in english.

    I know a lot of dutch people are visiting this site, if in very need i will create a Dutch General Chat. but i don't think that's necessary.

    * Post your threads in the forum that's meant for it
    The HowTo forum is meant for explaining other people how to setup certain things of the router.

    * keep your posts in the thread where the thread is about

    * i'm looking for a moderator (interested ? reply here)

    maybe more rules follow soon

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    I'd like to volunteer being a moderato for both the English Q&A as well as the Dutch discussion forums. Sorry, but my Russian is crap, and my German needs improvement, so that's why I'll stick to these two first if you don't mind

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    I'd Like to be a moderator too. For the Dutch selection and/or for the English Q&A selection.
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