Is this an ok setup?
I need to cover a large parkinglot and a smaller spot futher away.

I would like to use 3 wl-500g, al set up as ap, on channel 1, 6, 11
I will use samme ssid
And samme wpa key
All using external antennas
I mainly want to use the wl-500g because of the way of turning up the power to max 84 mW, and because I have used this router at home with succes.
All 3 wl-500g's are connected with rj45 and have static ip.
I have seen on pictures that it has 2 antennas, one inside and one external, but no way to choose only the external antenna via the web interface?
Is this a problem?
Is it totally stupid to use this router as an ap?
Is there any reason to use WDS when all aps are connected via rj45?
Will I benefit from WDS in this setup?

Can anyone recommend a good usb wlan client card that works well with wpa and the wl-500g?

Are there any reason to buy the wl-500g deluxe instead of the old wl-500g for this setup as ap?
Would You recommend an other product as AP?

I really hope someone will try to sort these questions out for me

Best regards