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Thread: SSH Tunnel to tunnel HTTP

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    SSH Tunnel to tunnel HTTP

    Unluckily my Internet access at work is limited. I only get to surf a few pages.
    I noticed that the port 53 tcp is open, so i tried to connect icq and it works!

    My next step would be to establish a SSH Tunnel from Home (WL-500gx) to work so that I can surf the whole net.

    I already read this article: click but it only helps to establish the connection. How am I able to surf the net through the SSH tunnel.

    Thanks for helping me!

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    Sounds like what you really need is a proxy server.
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    I use Nylon as a socks proxy (presents in wiley feed), but for http page, you'll need an http proxy. Squid http proxy does not compile for wiley using unslung build system. Any one knowing an other one ?

    Other socks proxy I've not tested but I've compiled for the feed is antinat.


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    Quote Originally Posted by macsat
    Sounds like what you really need is a proxy server.
    Yes thats it. Do you know any package for the Wl-500g?

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    here is my tip:
    Download PuTTy to your computer at work.
    Choose some public proxy
    here is nice list

    Open putty go to SSH->Tunnels->write proxy server which u want into destination
    choose any local port and write it into local port (e.g. 666)
    go into session and paste there your ip of your router at home, connect through SSH. In browser e.g. opera go to network->proxy and write adress: localhost port:666
    and enable proxy
    Now you have SSH tunel from ur work into ur router to anonymyous public proxy. I am using it too from school. Let me know if u have questions..btw exists putty which can be minimalized into tray...

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    Thank you Jolae!

    Since the port 53 is completly open at work I wanted to use this port...
    How is it possible to use this port with ssh?

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    any other ideas`?

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    If you set up your SSH server to answer on port 53 as in the thread u ref. you could use putty to connect. Do like this.
    1. Startup putty click protocol SSH insert youre ip (or url) and port 53
    2. click "Connection --> SSH --> Tunnels"
    3. Enter Sourceport (I use 8080) click Dynamic and Add
    4. Click session and save the config.
    5. Click open to connect.
    6. Now go into youre browser and tell it to use a proxy at ip
    7. That's it! Good luck
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    it works, but I had to create a post-firewall file so that the script for iptables starts always. Now I'm at work and I'm surfing the net hehe

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