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Thread: wl-hdd has been a disappointing product

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    wl-hdd has been a disappointing product

    I just wanted to say that I have been largely disappointed with my wl-hdd, and plan to replace it. The speed is the main problem - I was hoping to use it as network storage for photos & mp3s, but it's just impossible to access at a reasonable speed. Even when just browsing folders it can take really long to load a directory listing, esp if there are alot of files. I've noticed that accessing it via samba is supercrappy from OSX and only just slow from linux, so maybe there's a client issue or something. But I'm not gonna stick around to find out. I guess I was expecting too much for portable wireless network storage.
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    if you would have done research before you bought it, you would have known it

    it has been mentioned a lot of times that the unit is slow as hell

    further I join you (as I stated few times before) in the opinion about the unit

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    yeah, you are right - its slow but...

    - noiseless
    - low power consumption ( < 5 Watt)
    - small and portable (car usage and even with batteries)
    - flexible and customizable (usb audio, printer, webcam, etc)
    - cheap

    and i would say if you are disappointed, then because its the wrong device for you and not because its useless...(by the way, please tell us if you got a faster or "better" device for that money!)

    I use it with x-box, pocket pc and in the car and i am very satisfied (a 2nd revision with faster cpu would make it perfect)!

  4. I use it for automated backup, and for that purpose I'd recommend it highly. Speed isn't such a factor there of course.

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