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Thread: [Howto] Install kernel modules for Oleg firmware

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    [Howto] Install kernel modules for Oleg firmware

    You can download it and install manually from

    The below script is for those who are not too familiar with Linux however e.g. mounting share from NAS requires inserting some module not in the firmware.

    I assume here that you use Raas images e.g. from here.

    Note: this is for firmwares from google project, not for earlier versions.

    KVER=$(/bin/uname -r)
    FVER=$(cat /.version)
    case "${KVER}" in 2.6*)
      CPUV=$(sed -n '/.*MIPS.*74K.*/p' /proc/cpuinfo)
      if [ -n "${CPUV}" ]; then MVER=-MIPS32r2; else MVER=-MIPS32r1; fi
    cd /mnt && rm -f modules.tar.gz  && wget -O modules.tar.gz${FVER}${MVER}.tgz
    mkdir -p ${MDIR}
    tar xvzf modules.tar.gz ./lib/modules/${KVER}/
    cd ./lib/modules/${KVER}/ && cp -r * ${MDIR}
    rm -rf ${DIRM}
    ln -s ${MDIR} ${DIRM}
    Note: You have to run the above script after every firmware upgrade as module version has to match firmware version!
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