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Thread: WL-500g and USB Webcam problems

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    the solution was to make a kind of linking fil to the /www dir.
    You can executede the following comand to make the file:

    ln -s /www/display.jpg display.jpg

    When you are in you own www (/opt/share/www)
    ASUS Wl-500W

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    noname webcam

    Does anyone by any chance have this
    webcam working with wl500?

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    Working webcam

    Who could recommend me a specific type (brand, model) of webcam that works perfectly with the premium router ?
    I own a Logitech Clicksmart but it doesn't work.

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    WL500G Delux webcam not working with USB Stick / HD

    I am using OLEG firmware. When WL500gd only attach the Logitech Pro 4000 webcam, it work properly. After I and an USB stick or Harddisk, the webcam do not work.

    After checking the syslog, I found the webcam is detected but the PWC driver had not load. In checking the running process using PS, only the rcamdmain exist. (In case the webcam work, there also has 3 rcamd process running).

    I try manually execute the rcamd, but did not success. (/dev/video error).
    I try execute rcamdmain, the program seems looped forever(it do not return the cursor). After I press CTRL-Z, it can quit the situation with the webcam working.

    What is the correct way to load the webcam driver? (I had try execute rcamdmain in POST-BOOT, this will brick the WL500gd !)

    Also, when the webcam work, how can I have motion detection (email alert)?


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    Quote Originally Posted by wkwong View Post
    I try execute rcamdmain, the program seems looped forever(it do not return the cursor).

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    Many thanks, WVR. The "rcamdmain&" work.

    Furthermore, how to setup motion alert to email?
    I had done in web interface webcam setup, but no email at all.
    (My esmtp had setup and tested it can send email)

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    WL500gP + oleg WL500gp- + Webcam: Always three processes, loadav > 1.3

    Hi there,

    after playing around a bit with my WL500gP I finally got the attached webcam working the way I needed... Using camsrv and not rcamd anymore.
    But there is one strange thing, like using rcamd the camsrv spawns three times and eats up all the cpu power
    14565 root R 4208 14537 71.6 13.9 camsrv
    14523 root S 4208 1 25.1 13.9 camsrv
    14537 root S 4208 14523 0.0 13.9 camsrv
    which leads to a high loadaverage (which is not that bad, i know) which somehow bothers me because the device is getting hotter when doing that much and the accessibility suffers from it.

    Is there any conclusion? Or even an idea why those processes keep spawning themselves? Firs I thought rcamd needs it, is threaded or whatnot, but camsrv is not...

    It takes about four or five secconds like you can see here:
    [root@windcam /]$ killall camsrv
    [root@windcam /]$ /tmp/camsrv -r VGA -d 1 -D /dev/video -q 90 -l -F 4 -f /var/tmp/display.jpg &
    [root@windcam /]$ ps | grep camsrv
    14667 root 144 D /tmp/camsrv -r VGA -d 1 -D /dev/video -q 90 -l -F 4 -
    14670 root 372 R grep camsrv
    [root@windcam /]$ ps | grep camsrv
    14667 root 2272 S /tmp/camsrv -r VGA -d 1 -D /dev/video -q 90 -l -F 4 -
    [root@windcam /]$ ps | grep camsrv
    14667 root 3192 S /tmp/camsrv -r VGA -d 1 -D /dev/video -q 90 -l -F 4 -
    14675 root 3192 S /tmp/camsrv -r VGA -d 1 -D /dev/video -q 90 -l -F 4 -
    14676 root 3192 R /tmp/camsrv -r VGA -d 1 -D /dev/video -q 90 -l -F 4 -
    14678 root 380 S grep camsrv
    [root@windcam /]$
    Is there any less cpu-power-consuming way to just get a fullquality (VGA is the max my cam does) picture without any timestamps on it serverd to the web?
    Till I replaced it today, I used to have an old P1 with 133Mhz and 32MB ram doing the job running netbooted linux with vgrabbj... It took images every seccond and had a loadav around 0.2...
    Is there anyone who can crosscompile vgrabbj ( )? I loved it because it is able to upload image via ftp
    I'll take any advice to keep my load down and still get the image...

    WRT54GS v1.1: DD-WRT v23 SP2 (09/15/06) std (DSL 16K ROUTER)
    WRT54G v5.0: DD-WRT v23 SP1 Final (05/16/06) micro (WLAN CLIENT)
    ASUS WL-500gP: oleg WL500gp- (AP + WEBCAM)
    ASUS WL-500gP: oleg WL500gp- (TESTING BLINKENCUBE)
    WRT54G v2.2: DD-WRT v23 SP2 (09/04/06) mini (WDS MASTER)
    WRT54GL v1.1: DD-WRT v23 SP2 (09/04/06) mini (WDS NODE)
    WRT54G v5.0: DD-WRT v23 SP2 (09/15/06) micro (SPARE + TESTING)

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    Genius Webcam and FTP help

    Hello Everybody

    I bought a Genius Trek 310 Webcam and of course it doesn't work with my 500gP.
    On the Cd I found a Linux driver.
    Can somebody write me a step by step tutorial how can I active the webcam and access it from LAN/WAN?

    And I would like a sample conf file for the stupid-ftpd or any other ftp server with comments.

    Sorry I'm a newbie in Linux.

    Thank You in advance.

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    Webcam is SN9C10x Chipset based, some more or less well working drivers avaliable for linux, but not avaliable on asus for now (someone has to build and test them).

    Stupid-ftp is configurable by webconfig, other ftp servers are avaliable as packages, look in the forum for tutorials (maybe macsat did on).

    My Stuff: WL-500g, Mapower H31x 10GB HD, Philips Webcam Vesta PRO, TerraTec Webcam PRO, USB Hub

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    Sell me a compatible webcam for the Asus WL-500g Deluxe

    If you have a compatible webcam that you know works and is no longer need, please sell it to me. I don't want to pay silly prices for the likes of a QuickCam Pro 4000.

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    Unhappy Webcam has not image

    Dear all,

    My Asus Router Wl-500g Deluxe is now using the firmware When I try to use the webcam function on my Windows XP PC (with the latest patch), the webcam page can't display the image if I used the ActiveX & Refresh mode, but it can show the image if I used the Refresh mode.

    As I remembered after I upgrade the somewhat security patch from Windows XP at sept. 2006, the webcam page had mis-functioned. Can you help me on this case? Thanks a lot.

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    Philips Webcam LED off possible?

    Is it possible to switch off the Philips Webcam (PCVC740K+PCVC680K - pwc driver) LED via setpwc or other means? setpwc does not work for me. Thanks for any info.

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    Unhappy Philips HDD recognized as webcam

    I have problem with Philips HDD, rooter recognize it as webcam, and I can't use it.

    Rooter: Asus WL-500gP;
    HDD: SPE3031CC Philips external hard disk 3.5" 320GB;
    Firmware: Oleg's v1.9.2.7-7g also tried with Asus v1.9.7.5 same problem.

    I have found several post with same problem, but nobody can't find solution:

    Asus support also deaf in case this problem. So there are nothing what to do, except buy different brand (not Philips) HDD or try OpenWrt.

    But here I found old post:
    with similar problem, but different rooter and old firmware not suitable to Premium. So maybe the problem could be fixed.

    Please, someone help for this, cause I'm not alone having this mess. Probably this can't be fixed, without upgrading the firmware, so maybe Oleg has some ideas to fix this, or someone else.

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    best webcam?

    I just bought a WL500W (with usb 2) and i am looking for a webcam for around 100$.

    I would like to keep and eye on the kids as there room is to far from the livingroom to hear if they wake up at night. - I don't use video-chat..

    There is a million of them out there so it would be helpfull with a little help choosing a good one for the above purpose. USB2 - RJ45 etc...
    - Also it would be great if it could send/recive audio..?

    Regards /Rasmus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oleg View Post
    You need to manually execute ether-wake from the shell prompt.


    Sorry for disturbing you here, but I need help and only you can help me!

    I have a Asus Wl-500 GPv2 and I want to use a Logitech Webcam Sphere AF.
    I put this firmware on it :
    Can you help me mount this webcam or provide other viable solutions?
    I want to use this router and this webcam like a video surveilance solution, and I have to connect on the second usb router port a Huawei 3G modem.

    Thank you and I am looking forward to your answers

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