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Thread: Block port 25 lan to wan

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    Block port 25 lan to wan


    i have some problems with one of my computers and my internetprovider. I am told that I have a computer sending spammails.

    I assume the mails are being send though port 25. I have looked at the lan to wan filter, but I do not know how to configure it.

    Can anyone help me blocking port 25 on my router (firmware

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    That doesn't sound like the proper solution to fix this problem to me

    Instead you should clean your pc from the spy and malware it has
    The spammers might very well use a proxy to prevent the firewall rule from doing anything at all...

    assuming you have windows?
    if you don't have an anti-virus, get the basic (free) microsoft one:
    if you have avg... get rid of it, the quality isn't wat is has used to be

    For spyware I could recommend the free version of super anti spyware:

    if you have a unix system... well you have clamav:

    see if that's able to get rid of that nasty spambot

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