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Thread: Connecting 3 WL500g in one network?

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    Question Connecting 3 WL500g in one network?


    I've got three WL500g. Number 1 is located in my sisters house in the living room where the ADSL connection is. Number 2 is in her husbond's study which has a direct view to my house. Number 3 sits in my window and is connected by cable to a switch where my computers connect.

    I had this setup working until yesterday when I tried to change the encryption mode WEP to WPA-PSK TKIP because my work laptop couldn't connect with WEP enabled. Number 2 didn't reboot, so I've had to reset it.

    It's been over a year since I made the setup spending an hour on the phone with a German technician. Now I can't remember the settings, so I've started from scratch with Oleg's newest firmware installed.

    I can get Number 1 running in Home Gateway/Hybrid mode, but I can't get Number 2 to connect to Number 1.

    What is the proper setup for the respective routers?

    I hope someone can help me out.

    Thanks in advance, Maxven

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    wds is the magic word

    give ap2 and ap3 a fixed ipadres and setup wds with the appropiate macadresses

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    WPA-PSK TKIP doesn't work

    Thanks xlekx.

    I got number 2 working fine in both WDS and Hybrid mode but as soon as I try to set Authentication Method to WPA-PSK TKIP, the communication fails between number 1 (Home Gateway) and number 2 (Acces Point).

    I works with Shared Key, WEP 128bits but my work laptop will only connect with WPA-PSK TKIP.

    I'm running firmware

    Best Regards, Maxven

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    yes this is a know bug

    from another thread:

    WEP + WDS will work on, but WPA + WDS will not run on it.

    If you need WPA + WDS you should probably use or like tonia said.
    Friend is runing WPA + WDS ( one router is in wds, and other is in hybrid mode) on firmware.

    when using wep type the key in hex you can also try to
    upgrade the drivers on your laptop wireless card

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