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Thread: Asus WL-700g Marketing Specifications

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    maybe they'll delay it even more now that the new wifi standard is going to go gold.

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    This thing seems like the perfect device to keep my PSP company on long trips... With it's usb mass storage capibilities, and control over wifi (using a custom version of pspvnc that leaves usb on all the time) I have a complete portable linux computer, if I could install something like gentoo on the wl700g... And a PSP is a perfect portable head for a headless linux box

    OR any other PDA or anything with wifi... ^_^

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    known anybody HDD-LAN throughput with this device?
    I have WL500G Deluxe and get only 1,2MB/s via LAN.

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    Any news on release of the WL700G at all yet? C'mon, someone must have SOME info... Am I going to have to wait until 2006 for this? I hope not...

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    Hi there..
    bad news.. I´m waiting for the release of the ASUS WL-700g too and asked the German Sales Division for more information. I just received an email, telling me that I´ll have to wait until mid or late january 2006 *sniff*


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    Does anybody know what the throughput of the WAN port of this new model will be?



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    Quote Originally Posted by biggoof
    Hi there..
    bad news.. I´m waiting for the release of the ASUS WL-700g too and asked the German Sales Division for more information. I just received an email, telling me that I´ll have to wait until mid or late january 2006 *sniff*


    Ah, good. At least that's some semi-solid information. On the up side, January's my birth month, so maybe I can wrangle someone into getting it for me as a b-day present...

    Oh well, until then I'll just have to make do with my Linksys WRT54G 1.1.

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    One thing I am missing: VPN server, would be really nice..

    This router would be a monster, PDC option would be awesome.. love to get my claws on one of them...

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    can someone translate these pages?

    there is a picture of the inside of WL-700g and a lot of interface screenshots, including disk management, share access, windows setup, FTP and http server. But I don't understand chinese...
    Looks like the box has been reviewed in the December issue of the computerdiy magazine in Taiwan, which suggests the product is now available there ... and available in the ROW soon!
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    More pics

    If you follow the links from the other thread posted, you find this link, with the best pics I've seen yet. (Yes, I registered just to post this, go me). You may also notice that it lists the name as the Asus WL-700gE (note the new E). Google that, and you'll find more new links.

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    I have a small feeling that the WL700g has been cancelled already and will be named WL700gE as this one should have 'broad range' technology inside

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    could it not be like:
    wl700g = standard
    wl700ge = incl. 160 gig hd

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    The suffix "E" is "Broad Range" where

    Broad Range - Triple signal coverage range of 802.11g standard
    With Broadcom's latest BroadRange technology, the WL-550gE leveraged advanced digital signal processing to deliver the highest signal sensitivity and enhance coverage range by 300%

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    From OCTW

    WL-700gE uses Broadcom 4780 (CPU)*300MIPS,Professional NAS use CPU, builtin 2MB Flash memory and 64MB DRAM.

    With IO interface, there are 4*10/100 LAN port and 1*WAN port at the back, 3 USB2.0 connectors(1@front, 2@back),there is also a reset button for factory default.

    The Wireless network is competitlbe with 802.11b/g, also support 125*HSM & BroadRange..... etc..

    Therefore.. wl700gE is broadrange!!

    PS. Sorry for my poor translation.

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    Heat problem?

    could we expect that asus thought about the heat from the hdd ore aint this gonna be a problem?

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