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Thread: Harddisk encryption

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    Harddisk encryption

    I'm interested in encrypting at least one partition of the harddrive (i am using wl-hdd). The keyfile should be on a memory stick and when the stick is plugged in, the system should look for the keyfile and if correct, mount the harddisk.
    Anybody here who already made something like this, or can provide some help?
    Thanks in advance!

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    dm-crypt on my 1600 centrino laptop is ok, but heavy loading in my VIA-C3 800 desktop. Both are 2.6 x86 kernel running Gentoo. Wishing to have encryption too.
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    i got the point...the cpu is maybe too slow - but if you use it only on one partition for sensitive data, it can be enough to work with...
    Somebody here with experience?

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