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Thread: WL-500g Acces Point mode - Webserver

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    WL-500g Acces Point mode - Webserver

    I've been busy trying to setup a webserver on my wl-500g for quite some time now, but i haven't been able to set it up properly. Installing the server worked fine, but reconfiguring / rerouting the web interface of the router to another port failed. I've searched the internet and this forum for a solution, but almost every topic considers the wl-500g in home gateway mode, using dhcp. I use it in access point mode because my lan is part of a university network, which has it's own dhcp. This has the advantage that all my computers have a external ip adres, which avoids difficulties with NAT etc. My main problem at the moment is: how to change the port of the web interface? My suspection is that routing is disabled because the device is in access point mode. Does anyone have the same problem or maybe an idea to solve mine?

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    I have written a tutorial regarding webserver on it

    ...the page also includes a bunch of information and other tutorials.
    macsat - Tutorials and information on using ASUS WL-500G and family.

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    Yes, i know, a very nice guide, i must admit. I followed most of your tutorials to modify my router, but i think the routing rules are executed only in home gateway mode. Anyhow, i'm looking for a way to change the port of the web interface. To put it simple: i want to keep the dhcp service from the university server, but want to run a webserver on port 80, a ftp server on port 21 and the web interface on any other port that doesn't interfer with other traffic. If routing is the answer: how do i enable it? For one thing: although my router has multiple ethernet connections, it only has one(external) ip adres (because it's in access point mode). Hope someone can help me, because it becomes very frustrating
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