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Thread: Need help from Expert

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    Need help from Expert

    I have WL-500g p router . Iwas trying to upgrade my firmware (FW_WL500g_1948_TW) , but after upgrading , I am unable to access my router . I am very new and lost my cd came with this router .

    Need ur help in step by step , that how to remove bad image and fix my problem.........

    Please help me

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    Guys .. I am still waiting .. please help me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jee View Post
    Guys .. I am still waiting .. please help me
    no pushing please

    1. you can try to reset the router to factory defaults by pushing the reset button for 5 seconds (until the power led blinks) while the router is turned on.

    2. download the utilities for your router (not sure if you have version 1 or 2):
    install the utilities
    with the utilities comes a firmware restoration application. it's easy to use.
    Before you start the application you need to turn of any firewall on your computer.
    Plug a cable from your computer into the 1th LAN port of the router, and be sure nothing else is connected.
    Set the ip-address of your computer manually to
    unplug the router, press and hold the reset button, plug the power back in and wait till the pwr led starts blinking.
    now your router is in restoration mode and you can upload a new firmware image to your router.

    It's importand you flash the correct firmware image for your router model, so be sure that it's a wl500gp v2 or v1

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