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Thread: Which custom firmware should i choose?

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    Which custom firmware should i choose?

    On a linksys router i gained some experience with router modding with DD-Wrt.
    Yesterday i got a wl-500g, first I want to instantly sell it for some quick cash but after a quick google search i saw that it was able to run custom firmwares.
    Because the linksys doesn't have an usb port i think this lille old fellow is a nice replacement.

    I like the interface of dd-wrt but i heard something about it not supporting usb functions.

    My main goal:
    Normal router without usb stick.
    When usb stick is put in it automatically starts downloading torrents/usenet.
    Controlled by some webinterface.
    Know there are lots of sources out there, combined with a little c++ and php knowledge i think this is a fun little project.

    Which firmware should i choose?

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    Your wishes are hard to fulfill. Your router has only 240 Mhz, 32 MB RAM and no harddrive. Without swap, thats not enough for torrent/oneklick/usenet. And if you switch on swap on a usb-stick, it will break sooner or later, since there is a wearout. I would stick to a usb-hd constantly plugged into the router.

    Best firmware in my eyes is Olegs

    Install it with this HowTO:

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    About USB wear out, I have my WL500gP with the whole OS/firmware on USB including logs and swap. It took three years before the the partition where the logs were started to fail. I just stop using that partition and created a new one. At that time I paid 15€ for a 1GB Kingston USB. Today I get a 8GB Sandisk for the same price.

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