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Thread: Asus wl-500w USB storage sharing problem

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    Asus wl-500w USB storage sharing problem

    I have a problem, when trying to share my HDD on the router. As described in user manual, I configure it like on the picture below, giving the permission to "Guest" to read/write:

    I see the disc and files on it, but I don't have writing permission. I've tried everything, but still, no success. I always get message like that:

    Can any of you guys help me, please?

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    it could be that the file system is not writeable.
    The router can only read/write FAT32 and EXT2

    NTFS is read only

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    Same problem on WL500W, which should have USB 2.0, but I only get around 2500 KB/s when copying files onto/from my attached external HDD.

    Anyone knows, why it can't do better?

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