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Thread: Email from router

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    (sleep 30; mini_sendmail ....) &

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    Quote Originally Posted by dccharacter View Post
    I still can't get - how authentication's done? Or should I look for an smtp serv over internet which does not require authentication?

    btw, trying to get logrotate working - probably shouldn't and everything's already done? :-)
    Thanks, I installed esmtp and created a simlink

    ln -s /opt/bin/esmtp /opt/sbin/sendmail

    and with this line

    echo -e "From:\nSubject: this is the subject\nReply-to:\nHere goes the mail body" | sendmail -myname@

    I have got this responce-Failed to parse headers

    and with this line-
    /opt/bin/esmtp -f

    I have such repy-
    0 (null) 0 (null)

    Any idea?
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    Did you get the mailserver working? I'm also looking for a mailserver on the Asus WL500g. Is there any good and simple howto?
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    router logs to email

    Hi lads,

    I'm looking for "router logs to email" script so just checking if somebody got sending mails from RT-N16 on Oleg's firmware working?
    If so please share your knowledge.

    Thank you in advance

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