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Thread: iPhone 3G wont connect to WL-500W

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    Red face iPhone 3G wont connect to WL-500W

    I have a (jailbroken) iPhone 3G which will just not connect to my WL-500W. I know I using the correct security credentials. Other devices (my laptop, Nokia N95) have no problems connecting to the router. What's with the iPhone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khurram View Post
    What's with the iPhone
    That's what I've always wondered
    Well, does your iphone connect at all to other hotspots?

    if it does, you can try out 2 things:
    1. test if it works without a password protected wifi
    2. change the regulatory mode of the router:

    apart from that, I dunno

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    Quote Originally Posted by wpte View Post
    2. change the regulatory mode of the router
    wpte is the man I changed the mode to 802.11h (WebUI -> Wireless -> Advanced) and the connection has been stable for a few hours.

    Thanks again.

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