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Thread: NFS problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by qz3fwd View Post
    I also wonder if it could be a userID/password thing?
    Maybe. I mount the shares as root on my FreeBSD box.

    - K.C.

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    Mount NFS share?

    I'm having troubles mounting a NFS share on the router. Perhaps someone can help me with this as this is way beyond my knowledge

    [admin@Router root]$ mount -t nfs /tmp/harddisk/server
    mount: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection refused
    mount: nfsmount failed: Bad file descriptor
    mount: Mounting on /tmp/harddisk/server failed: Bad file descriptor

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    USB disk+Transmission=Stale NFS file handle ???

    Hi guys

    I am quite new of Oleg..

    I have a strange problem, this is the main configuration:
    -USB FAT32 harddisk mounted un /tmp/harddisk (formatted with Part.Magic 8)
    -all mouts are performend in post-boot (stupid-ftpd disable)
    -nfs server disabled
    All seem OK ..

    But whwn i download torrents whis Transmission I often have this strange
    /opt/share/www/cgi-bin/transmission.cgi: /opt/share/www/cgi-bin/transmission.cgi: 4: cannot create /tmp/harddisk/torrent/work/TORRENTDIRNAME/.info: Stale NFS file handle

    I have got the same error also if I try to CD to that directory from

    Rebooting fix the problem...

    This look quite strange for me !!!
    Is the USB storage implementation a sort of NFS file system?

    Can you help me?

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    Format key in ext3!

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    Tkanks Oleg

    do you mean that VFAT file system implementation is not so good ?

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    No. It seems that file locking is not working wit VFAT.

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    TVIX 5100SH + WL 700ge

    All should work. It is just necessary to register correctly a full way to a folder. Example:

    1. "/shares/MYVOLUME1/MYSHARE1" - for acces to folder myshare1 (built in hdd).
    2. "/foreign_share/NTFS" - for access to external disk (usb connected) resources.

    Using telnet it is possible to look a full way in shell.


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    TVIX 5100SH + WL 700ge

    But there is one bug:
    Russian names of files are displayed incorrectly - the codepage does not coincide. TVIX work propertly with charsets 8bit per symbol. Unicode not supporting.

    Firmware kfurge
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    hi qz3fwd,

    I have mine working with a Tvix 4000

    It's working on NFS but I cannot get it working on Samba. Anyway NFS is better as it provides faster speeds.

    Your line should be /shares/MYVOLUME1/tvixhd1.
    I noted from above that you have it in /tvixd1.
    Maybe it was only a typo for you on the post
    anyway it does work.

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    Yeah-I got it working long ago but must have forgotten to post.
    I too used " /shares/MYVOLUME1/tvixhd1" and my 2 5000's and 4100 connect flawlessly.
    I never dumb it down to SMB & just stick with NFS since it just works.

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    Question How to connect on NFS server r/w?

    I have AsusWL500gP, with Oleg's firmware and HeadStart II from this tutorial:,

    I enabled NFS Server at web interface. Export "/mnt (rw)".
    I can connect to Asus/mnt, but only "read only". How to connect "read/write"?

    content of file "/etc/exports":
    /mnt (rw)

    content of file "/proc/fs/nfs/exports":
    # Version 1.1
    # Path Client(Flags) # IPs
    /mnt,root_squash,sync,wdelay) #
    /mnt,root_squash,sync,wdelay) #

    But I need from address "rw". How do it? Where is generated this file?
    Thx for help.

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    PHP Code:
    cat /etc/exports

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    NFS How to?

    This might be stupidest questions of all time but here goes. I have had my WL-500g Deluxe for years working nicely. FTP and SAMBA which is mainly what I use works like a charm with out me having to know anything about linux.
    A few days ago I purchased Popcorn Hour A-110 which is a very strong and silent Media Tank. Sadly it fails to browse my SAMBA share on the WL-500g Deluxe. Then I had the great idea of trying to set up the NFS on my WL-500g Deluxe which the Popcorn Hour also supports. But I haven't got the faintest of ideas how to. I have search the forum vividly the last couple of days but have found nothing.

    WL-500g Deluxe has IP:
    Popcorn Hour IP:

    Is it possible at all to set up the NFS through the Web Interface only?
    What has to be exported?
    I have tried:
    /tmp/harddisk/part1/ (This is the dir structure)
    /share (This is name of the SAMBA demo mode share)

    Is there a way to test the NFS leaving the Popcorn Hour out of the picture. Say f.x. installing some kind of NFS client on my Windows XP machine?

    Any help is very much appreciated as I would really like the Popcorn Hour to see the attached drive on WL-500g Deluxe.
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    Anyone? I got chocolates

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    Finally got it to work. I had the path mixed up. In order to make NFS work you just have enable NFS server in the web interface and add server export.
    I added:
    this give read/write permissions to ip all ip adresses between which is all machines connected to my WL-500g deluxe. The "/tmp/harddisk/ftp_pub" is the file path to my data I wish to share. I just did a telnet to my WL-500g deluxe and did some browsing to find the file path.

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