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Thread: NFS problem

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    NFS performance

    After using the Oleg firmware for one year on my RT-N16 I've switched to a Tomato-firmware with integrated NFS, as desribed on this page:

    The NFS-performance is considerable better; I've just transferred one file of 2 GB in 205 seconds, which is 9,75 MB/sec. With the Oleg firmware it achieved around 3 to 4 MB/sec. How is this possible?

    I've used this firmware:

    Installing is best done from a Windows PC with the Firmware restoration tool from the Asus router utilities, as described in:
    It is very important to clear the NVRAM with the 30-30-30-procedure as described (before and after, otherwise the router will boot, but no connections to it can be made.

    The tutorial for setting up the rest of the server:

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    Strange, I'm using RT-N16 with Oleg firmware and I regularly use NFS. It's quite fast (considering that this is a router), I've also reported it in another thread. Link.

    With Linux (Fedora) as peer ~12 MB/s with 75% CPU load (system utilization) is typical.
    I use it with UDP (mount example here, it seems from recent discussions that for some clients vers=3 has to be added, it was not needed for me), TCP has some performance issues, not just with NFS, but basically with any other protocol using TCP (FTP, Samba etc.).

    To me it seems that the per packet overhead kills TCP performance (with any RT-N16 firmware), simply reducing the amount of TCP ACKs performance jumps. Reported here.

    Since then I had no time to investigate this issue any more, but luckily NFS over UDP is fast for regular use with Oleg.

    (I'm also very happy that UVC webcam support has been added recently to Oleg firmware (using Logitech Webcam Pro 9000) .)
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    I use the wrong options apparently....

    mount -t nfs -o vers=3,tcp,nolock,intr,hard,rw,noauto /Asus

    I'll try UDP for Tomato!

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    With this mount command, working with UDP, it takes even longer (210 sec instead of 205 sec for 2GB):

    sudo mount -t nfs -o rsize=32768,wsize=32768,timeo=14,intr,proto=udp,as ync /Asus

    Network-usage is fluctuating more than with the command I normally use. So maybe to much losses with UDP.

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    Can't mount NFS on a Linux machine

    I've bought the ASUS WL500g V2 router and I've been struggling with the NFS server.
    The server is turned on in the web interface, the /etc/exports file reads
    [admin@router root]$ cat /etc/exports 
    # automagically generated from web settings
    when I try to mount the share with
    sudo mount /home/vlad/knihovna
    I just get
    mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting
    First I thought the problem could be in firewall configuration, but if I turn the firewall down, the problem persists.
    Could anybody advice me please?

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