Hi guys,

I'm stoked to see this forum still going strong. Haven't been by in a while as my 500g went into retirement a few years back - but is on the return.

The intended new job for him is to act as WDS bridge in the entertainment unit in the Lounge to provide wired ports for a number of media type devices.

As the replacement wireless ap on the lan was set up with all the same settings, I realised there would have been a conflict if I left the 500g as it was, so I gave it a factory reset and plugged it into a netbook to set up the new configuration. All went well until after I entered the access password, then I just got a screen with 3 sets of 404 errors, which seems to imply that the nv ram is a bit more "v" than anticipated. It's clearly not completely wiped, as it still asked for a password, and accepted it once entered...

Is there any trick I can use to reset the little beastie (apart from the button on the back of course), or do I need to flash an entire new firmware into it - and if so, how? It still has (had?) the original Asus factory software - I'm not keen to play with firmware generally...

Thanks in anticipation,