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Thread: Help WLHDD firmware update crash

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    Unhappy Help WLHDD firmware update crash

    Hi, i'm french boy so excuse my poor english

    i tryed to upgrade my wl-hdd firmware with Custom Firmware v. (WLHDD_1.1.2.8-JockyW-1.0_en.trx) i found explanations on this website.
    I proced as describe and after rebooting my wlhdd, the power led blink.
    My wlhdd as no more web page, i can't use telnet, i can't ping it any more.

    How can i restore my old firmware? with a original TRX file i can't send it to my wlhdd. Is there on the net a soft to flash it ?

    Thank for help !

    please help me
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    did you already consult your manual and the cd that came with it ? (yes it contains some nice piece of rescue software)

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    Talking hey hey !!

    Greaaaat !! What for a cool soft ! :d i' so stupid not to search on the asus cd before coming here! But thank a lot for giving time to answer to me !!

    thank a lot !

    My asus works fine again !

  4. Woah, thinks for being here! I was having a scary moment there...

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