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Thread: How to make /usr/local/sbin/resetpressed template work on WL-HDD?

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    How to make /usr/local/sbin/resetpressed template work on WL-HDD?

    I think the /usr/local/sbin/resetpressed template was added after (2006-11-06).

    CDMA@wifi - History of versions
    /usr/local/sbin/resetpressed script is executed when pressing reset button and releasing when PWR light is off
    and in (2007-04-06)
    23. Disabled "power off" for all units except WL-HDD
    24. Pressing EZ SETUP button for 3 seconds would cause /usr/local/sbin/ez-setup to be executed
    The /usr/local/sbin/resetpressed template doesn't work on WL-HDD because holding reset button will actually "power off" WL-HDD. Besides, if it takes at least 3 seconds to activate /usr/local/sbin/ez-setup, it would be very difficult to activate resetpressed without powering off WL-HDD.

    I'd like to write some scripts and use reset button as wifi toggle on my WL-HDD because there's no other buttons. What can I do to prevent reset button from powering off WL-HDD? Does the /usr/local/sbin/resetpressed template work on WL-HDD? Is it possible to check whether the reset button being pressed or released?
    BTW, I know that "echo 1 > /dev/gpio/out" turns the PWR LED off on WL-HDD and "echo 0 > /dev/gpio/out" turns it on. Does other numbers mean anything?

    Thanks in advance.
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